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Why Use NVS Mirrors




Built in Remote Garage Door Opener and Security


Eliminate dangerous glare from rear-approaching headlights with this sophisticated night driving safety accessory from Gentex Corporation. Special sensors and electronic circuitry detect glare and automatically dim the mirror accordingly. An accurate self-calibrating compass keeps you on track; exterior temperature display warns you with an ICE indicator when outside temperature is at or below 37 degrees.



It is our goal to offer the finest of aftermarket auto dimming mirrors  to our customers. 

When it comes to automotive safety, we help you see,  and look more clearly. Rearview mirrors that automatically dim to eliminate glare. Miniature cameras that control high-beam usage.

How Gentex Products Work

      1.  A forward-facing sensor recognizes low ambient light levels and signals the mirror to begin looking for glare.


2.    2.  A rearward-facing sensor then detects glare from the vehicles traveling behind you, sending voltage to the mirror's EC gel in proportion to the amount of glare detected.


3.    3.  The mirror dims in proportion to the glare and then clears when the glare is no longer detected.


4.    4.   The interior mirror's sensors and electronics control the dimming of both interior and exterior mirror.                                                               


The Future
The electronic content on vehicles is always increasing. This is a positive trend, because rearview mirrors are an ideal location for increased electronic content.

First, drivers are accustomed to the mirror's placement, so it's a natural location for various user interfaces. Second, glancing at the mirror requires only subtle movements of the eyes, allowing the driver to remain focused on the road. Third, adding electronic content to the mirror is less expensive than purchasing these components from separate suppliers and designing them into the vehicle interior.

Future Mirror Features?

  • Vehicle status display

  • Fog sensing

  • Rain sensor

  • Hands-free phone

  • Time display

  • Sunload sensing

  • Rear-vision system

  • Back-up aids

  • Cameras



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