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Q- What is HomeLink  ?

A- Please Click Here.          



Q-Will this fit my car?

A- These mirrors fit most any car, some you might have to get a new bracket. Please check the bracket page to locate you vehicle.  NOTE: Installation in 1995 and earlier Ford vehicles and all imported vehicles requires Mirror-mount Bracket (sold separately; SKU# 07ZX2862U).



Q-Can I install this by myself?

A- Yes, just follow the installation instructions that came with your mirror or download the appropriate documents from our web site. 



Q-If I don't want to install it myself were can I have it done at by someone else?

A-Most car and stereo places will do this for you for a nominal fee.  Or you can check with a local auto shop or car dealership.



Q-Can I sell these mirrors as well?

A-Yes we are always looking for new dealers to join our growing Family.  Please Contact us by email, by giving us your name and phone number and we will return your call.




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