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Make Nighttime Driving Safer

Eliminate dangerous glare from the vehicles traveling behind you with an NVSŪ rearview mirror. It detects glare and automatically dims to preserve driver vision and make nighttime driving safer. The brighter the glare, the darker the mirror becomes. An ICE indicator will display for one minute when the temperature is at or below 37 degrees. This feature cautions you to anticipate road-icing conditions. Compass and external temperature readouts also ensure that while you are driving safer you are also driving smarter.




  Why Use NVS Mirrors 

There are many reasons to consider Gentex Night Vision Safety™ NVS auto-dimming rearview mirrors. Not only do they increase driving safety by eliminating accident-causing glare, but they also provide car manufacturers with a cost-effective way to offer customers value-added electronic devices and other features.

Increasing Driving Safety
Why should you consider NVS auto-dimming mirrors? Because rearview mirror glare causes accidents. It's that simple.

Research shows that during nighttime driving, headlight glare from the vehicles traveling behind you can be blinding. Even once the source of the glare is removed, an after-image remains on the eye's retina that creates a blind spot you may not even know exists. Known as the Troxler Effect, this phenomenon increases driver reaction time by up to 1.4 seconds. At 60 mph, you'd drive over 123 feet before you even reacted to the danger in front of you.

Auto-dimming mirrors make nighttime driving safer by detecting glare and automatically dimming to protect driver vision. Airbags, crumple zones and the like may help you survive a crash, but NVS auto-dimming mirrors help you avoid one altogether.

The Troxler Effect Study
The Troxler Effect study was conducted by Dr. Alan Lewis, 55, a veteran researcher and Dean of the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. He spent 20 years as professor of physiological optics at the State University of New York and is often called upon to conduct optical experiments for business and industry. His Troxler Effect research has been published by the Society of Automotive Engineers and has been cited by Optometric Management Magazine and other journals.                            



 NVS Mirrors...

Active, Crash Avoidance Safety Features

Consumer Demand
Another reason to consider NVS mirrors is consumer demand. Consumer research conducted by a internationally recognized automotive research firm found that 90 percent feel auto-dimming mirrors increase driving safety, and 80 percent believe that both interior and exterior mirrors should be offered on vehicles like their own.

Vehicle Content Upgrades
NVS mirrors also allow automotive manufacturers to easily upgrade a vehicle's electronic-features content while differentiating it from the competition. In addition to the auto-dimming function, NVS mirrors can come with a variety of value-added electronic features, including external-temperature readouts, compass displays, remote keyless entry receivers, tire-pressure monitoring displays, headlamp control, LED map lamps and more. This allows manufacturers to incrementally add electronic features without costly vehicle-interior redesigns.